2015 Dodge Viper In-Depth Details Explored

2015 dodge viper

This entire post could be summed up in four words: Hand-built, American supercar. But using just four measly words to describe the all-new 2015 Dodge Viper would be a true crime. This 645-horsepower serpent is ready to strike anyone who steps in its path with calibrated ferocity.

Let’s go over what makes this car super.

645-Horsepower, 600 LB.-Ft. Torque

This 8.4L, variable cam, all-aluminum V10 is the most powerful naturally aspirated sports car engine on the planet. Dodge reports that the 0-60 time in this car should land on the lower end of 3 seconds, but we’ll have to wait to find out how fast it really is. Either way, this beast is sure to be blowing most any competition away on the streets.

6-Speed Manual Transmission

So often, performance cars are coming with automatic transmissions and optional paddle shifters that disconnect the driver from the transmission completely. We get that the robots are better shifters – that’s fine. What we don’t get is sacrificing one of the most enjoyable and integral pieces of supercar motoring for marginally faster shift times. Want to shift faster? Learn to shift better. We think the 6-speed manual is perfect.

2015 dodge viper

Independent Four-Wheel Suspension

With a 50/50 front to rear weight distribution, traction control, and Multistage Electronic Stability Control, the Dodge Viper handles like a dream. Its independent four wheel suspension makes for a firm but comfortable ride, that may have people forgetting they’re in a supercar, not a luxury car. That is at least until you’re cornering at high speeds.

Four Piston Brembo™ Calipers

Supercars need super brakes, and there are none better than Brembo™. The four disc brakes will make for quick and reliable braking that won’t fail due to heat buildup. With the speed this car is capable of, these brakes are going to come in handy.

2015 dodge viper

Iconic Aerodynamic Beauty

So often in nature, we find the devastating ferocity of animals like the cheetah, or the tiger shark to be matched with an untamed and natural elegance; In this regard, the 2015 Dodge viper is no different.  We’ve gone over what makes the 2015 Dodge Viper such a devastating predator, but now let’s talk presentation.

Fine Leather Racing Seats

The interior of the 2015 Dodge Viper walks a fine balance between luxury, and performance. It doesn’t compromise on either, presenting a sharp and elegant interior that never forgets it’s in a supercar. The 2015 Dodge Viper is meant to be a comfortable ride, but don’t forget what it was built to do.


Perhaps the most exciting part of the car’s beauty is that you get to completely customize it. With over 25 million unique combinations, the chance of two 2015 Dodge Vipers looking exactly the same is very slight. Interested in customizing your own? Check out the DriveSRT website and craft your perfect American made super-car.

2015 dodge viper

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