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cold weather windshield

What the Cold Weather Can Do to Your Windshield

Your windshield is a delicate combination of sand, sodium carbonate (soda ash), and calcium carbonate (limestone). It’s beautiful, but also incredibly fragile – especially in the winter. Here’s why some windshields crack during the cold weather, and how important it is to have those cracks fixed. Cold weather and glass The cold is hard on […]

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Can We Expect More Cold Weather in the Triangle?

Did this December feel hot to you? According to this year’s’s climate calendar, the average temperature throughout December 2015 was a high of 65° and low of 47°. Which, compared to Raleigh’s normal December temperatures, is pretty atypical. Between 1961 and 1990, December in Raleigh felt an average temperature of 54° for the high, […]

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dash cams

Dash Cams: Why Everyone Should Be Recording Their Driving

Dash cam videos have become a wildly popular internet phenomenon in the past few years, capturing dramatic crashes, hilarious hijinks, and even meteors entering the earth’s atmosphere. But most of this dash cam footage comes from Russia, where drivers use them to protect against insurance fraud, police corruption, and false witness testimonies. We don’t have […]

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