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Have you ever wondered what the difference between a civilian Dodge Charger and a Police Officer’s Dodge Charger? Then join automotive journalist Mark Arsen as he visits the Wake Forest Police Department to find out. Listen below:

Surprisingly, what the police have under the hood isn’t much different from what you can buy at a Leith Automotive dealership. The main differences are the upgraded brake calipers and rotors, beefed up front and rear suspension system, and upgraded transmission. Plus, the cool police decals, lights, and horns, of course.

Knowing that should make any Dodge Charger owner proud. Having an engine that powerful in your car ought to inspire some confidence next time you step on the pedal – just don’t go too crazy, or your might have to answer to the boys in blue.

In the next episode, you’ll hear from Wake Forest Police department Captain, Darren Abbacchi, whose Dodge Charger is equipped with a feature that makes it really stand out.

Leith Cars would like to take a moment to thank the Wake Forest Police Department, and all other departments nationwide who protect our citizens and our communities. Police officers, fire fighters, and all other first responders never receive the credit and recognition they deserve, and words won’t do those who stand for justice, justice. If you would like to join us in supporting Hometown Heroes, click here.

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