Do You Like Cats? How About a 707 Horsepower Hellcat?

707 Horsepower Hellcat

Today we take a short break from our regularly scheduled cat memes to appreciate a true beast: The 6.2L Hellcat. This 707 horsepower V-8 engine, built by Chrysler, is a supercharged hemi that sounds more American than Toby Keith. And soon, all 6.2-liters are going to be paired up with America’s most patriotic brand.

Cars with the Hellcat

So far, we’ve seen the Hellcat in a Dodge Charger, a Dodge Challenger, a Ram 1500, and a 1968 Dodge Charger. If you haven’t seen what a Hellcat engine is capable of, this video from Motor Trend’s Roadkill is one of our personal favorites:

But an engine this fantastic should be loaded in more than just Dodge vehicles, right?

It’s coming

Finally, Jeep has confirmed they’re making a Grand Cherokee SRT Hellcat. Rumored back in 2015, Car and Driver claimed that Jeep would be releasing this beast into the wild by mid-2016. But when reporters recently asked Jeep CEO Mike Manley about the rumor, he had this to say: “not only can I put a Hellcat motor in one of those [Jeep Grand Cherokee] for you, I’m going to bring that to market by the end of 2017.”

707 Horsepower Hellcat

Lion tamers, rejoice.

Looking to get a Hellcat now?

We can help, but for now you’ll have to have it in a Dodge. As you’ll see on their website, you can buy a 2016 Dodge Challenger SRT® Hellcat starting at $64,195. For obvious safety reasons we can’t keep these beasts out on the lot, but if you want one, we can surely wrangle it for you.

Keep your eyes on the blog for any Hellcat updates, or tell us on Facebook what you’d like to see Chrysler put a Hellcat in!

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