“Dodge Law” is Anything But at Our Store

It’s not our job to make advertisements. Sure, you’ll often see us embed them in our blog posts, or perhaps highlight one. To us, this falls more under the heading of bringing you the latest news and information about the brands we cater to, but to be clear, we don’t make the ads. That means we don’t necessarily have to defend them either.

Dodge has been on a winning streak lately. They had the highly successful Ron Burgundy Durango ads, followed by the viral success that turned into the “Wisdom” Super Bowl spot. More recently they’ve done the “Don’t Touch My Dodge” series with Craig Robinson and Jake Johnson, as well as the history-driven Dodge brothers ads. The point being, they’re due for a flop. It’s the nature of advertising.

So here comes a new campaign focusing on “Dodge Law,” starring gas monkey Richard Rawlings and a monkey puppet. The duo pose as buddy cops enforcing the so-called law of Dodge. They carry out their duties, defending the brand’s image against people with the gall to eat a croissant while driving a Charger. Other offenders try to pile into a Durango while still wearing spandex from yoga class, or drive a Dart after getting a fake tan.

We’re not trying to say these ads are downright bad, but they come off a bit harsh. There’s no good cop in this setup. Both Rawlings and the monkey are quite brutal to these would-be offenders, and their punishment is to have their cars taken away. In the world of “Dodge Law,” if you don’t conform to the monkey’s vision, you’re not allowed to drive a Dodge.

From our standpoint, that’s not the kind of message we want to send. When you drive a Dodge, you can eat what you want, do what you want, be what you want. The car doesn’t make you who you are. It just shows you have good taste in cars.

Let’s just go on record as saying that monkeys have never been funny.

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“Dodge Law” is Anything But at Our Store was last modified: July 15th, 2015 by Chris Leith Dodge