Florida Town with Outrageous Speed Trap Faces Annihilation

On this fine Wednesday, we’re suddenly struck by an urge to list some of the reasons we love living in North Carolina. Spring and Fall are beautiful, and winters are normally mild. We have great basketball, great barbecue, and great breweries. We’ve got the best choice of mountains and beaches, as well as a lively piedmont in between. We’ve got the Triangle and the diverse and unique people that come with it. We’ve got Cheerwine.

Yes, there are many reasons we considers ourselves lucky to be here in North Carolina, but today, the most pressing reason we can come up with is that we aren’t in Florida.

Hampton city limits

Photo: The New York Times

Autoblog reported a bizarre and baffling story today about a town in Florida with the most notorious and unconscionable speed trap the world over. Only 477 people live in the town of Hampton, FL, and its police department is responsible for a total of 1260 feet of road. That’s less than a mile, and yet between 2011 and 2012, officers issued 12,698 speeding tickets.

Those good with math know that would add up to more than twenty-five tickets per resident, so something is clearly questionable. AB reports that despite taking in upwards of $400,000 in fines in that time period, the town consistently struggles to balance its budget. All this because the speed limit suddenly drops from 65 to 55 in Hampton’s front yard.

Evidently the town is under investigation and will be wiped off the map if they don’t get to the root of the problem within thirty days. We’re no experts, but our gut tells us they might want to start by driving over to the Sheriff’s office. Better watch their speed on the way over there, though.

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