Trick-or-Treating 2016

Trick or Treat! Those three words will be heard over and over again throughout neighborhoods as kids in costume go door to door Halloween night. Kids aren’t the only ones that can really get into the spirit of Halloween. Many times entire families dress up in costumes, including the family pet. It is a fun time of year filled with pumpkin carving, trick-or-treating, gathering with friends and family, and attending events around the area. Last, but certainly not least, the CANDY! While Halloween is filled with loads and loads of fun and making great memories, it is also very important to remember the safety of yourself, your loved ones and those around you.

Some Halloween Safety Tips Include:

  • Stay in a group when trick-or-treating. Do not wander off alone.
  • Trick or treat in well-lit areas and be sure to carry a flashlight for when it gets dark.
  • Do not run.
  • Inspect all candy and treats before eating.
  • Be sure costumes fit appropriately and you are able to walk and see clearly.

Visit for more Halloween safety tips. If you are driving Halloween night, be sure to use caution and stay alert. This is a night when kids are outside walking and you want to be fully aware, especially when the sun goes down and it’s dark. Go to for more important Halloween information.

It is so much fun seeing all the cool costumes out there. People really do get creative for Halloween! Happy trick-or-treating!


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