2014 Dodge Journey Crossroad Edition Debuts in Chicago

The remarkable thing about Dodge cars is their longevity. Other automakers release revised or reworked models every other year, repeatedly shouting “NEW AND EXCITING” to get everyone’s attention. Dodge does things differently. They make quality, hard-working cars that can stick around and hang with the competition for years to come, until it’s time to release […]

2014 NAIAS: Tim Kuniskis and the Ron Burgundy Effect

The North American International Auto Show is in its second week now, which means Cobo Hall is open to the public. It’s time for the press to get out of the way and start disseminating all the news from last week. You might recall we previously shared an interview with Robert Hegbloom and Michael Cairns, […]

2014 NAIAS: Interview with Robert Hegbloom and Michael Cairns

A lot of noise comes out of the North American International Auto Show. It’s the nature of the industry – Cars are noisy business. There are lots of engines revving, tires squealing, and maybe even some backfiring – if you know what we mean. The show also features plenty of talking, though, and that’s why […]

NAIAS: Motor City Marathon

Did everyone have a good weekend? Are you feeling nice and relaxed, ready to ease into another week? Well that’s too bad. Fasten your seatbelts because the North American International Auto Show kicks off in Detroit this morning, and Leith is bringing you curbside. You’ll know about all the latest debuts and news as soon […]

Lethal Weapon: Dodge Dart Blacktop Edition

When you think of a dart, you imagine the little pointy things with fletching that you use to play the pub game. At worst, you might picture the poison darts sometimes used to incapacitate people in movies like Indiana Jones. Essentially, they aren’t a real threat. Your pre-conceived notions of the Dodge Dart might be […]