Lethal Weapon: Dodge Dart Blacktop Edition

When you think of a dart, you imagine the little pointy things with fletching that you use to play the pub game. At worst, you might picture the poison darts sometimes used to incapacitate people in movies like Indiana Jones. Essentially, they aren’t a real threat. Your pre-conceived notions of the Dodge Dart might be […]

Be Prepared: Winter Driving Guide

It’s cold outside, and everyone knows it. School systems are calling for two-hour delays before a single flake hits the ground, just so kids don’t get pneumonia while they’re waiting at the bus stop. That’s some serious precaution, and according to Car and Driver, it’s the same kind of attitude you should have toward your […]

Happy New Year from Chris Leith Dodge

Well, we made it through another year. In just a few hours, we’ll all be tuning in to watch the ball drop, clinking champagne glasses, and singing “Auld Lang Syne.” Some of us may be in downtown Raleigh watching the acorn drop on Fayetteville Street. It’s an exciting time for everyone. In the midst of […]

100th Anniversary Special Edition Dodge Charger and Challenger Combo

This year marks the 100th Anniversary of the Dodge brand, and the manufacturer is celebrating the only way it knows how: By releasing two awesome muscle cars. The company showcased its 100th Anniversary Special Edition Dodge Charger and Dodge Challenger at November’s Los Angeles Auto Show. Both feature premium enhancements in light of the occasion, […]

Happy Holidays from Leith

It’s the start of a holiday week, and (hopefully) all your preparations have been made. Travel plans have been set, routes have been Google-mapped, pet-sitters arranged, menus planned, parties attended, and gifts are as close to being perfect as they’re ever going to be. Now is that briefest of moments when everything is ready, and […]