RAM 1500 Wins Motor Trend Truck Comparison Test

RAM Raleigh

Photo: Motor Trend

Last year, the RAM 1500 made history by becoming Motor Trend’s first ever back-to-back truck of the year winner. It was the best around, and nothing was ever going to keep it down. Now a challenger approaches, clad in aluminum and bragging about weight loss at the cost of nothing. There’s been a lot of talk about this new Ford truck, but we don’t take stock in talk alone. That’s why we’re glad Motor Trend decided to conduct a comparison test.

Included in the test was a Chevrolet Silverado, we guess because the Motor Trend guys wanted to make sure there was a clear loser. As you’ll see when you read, stacked up against the RAM 1500 and the new F-150, the Chevy doesn’t really stand a chance.

The test itself takes each truck through a series of trials. They drove them around town and up into the mountains, unloaded and while towing. They also compared the utilities and features packed into each truck. Tests and data concluded that pricing across all three models was comparable, so performance was always going to be the deciding factor.

We already spoiled the results in our post title, but it’s still beneficial to understand why the RAM is the best truck of the bunch. Here’s one excerpt from the article:

“The EcoDiesel’s torque comes on quickly and makes it feel quicker than the Chevy around town. Part of that is due to its exclusive eight-speed automatic transmission, which we agreed was the best here by far. ‘It’s unflappable,’ said Seabaugh. ‘It’s never caught in the wrong gear. It makes the Ford’s and especially the Chevy’s six-speed transmissions feel like they’re from an entirely different era.’ Up in the mountains, this winning team never noticed the altitude or the twisty road. It was always in the right gear with ample power. The Ram’s class-exclusive, optional air suspension rode the best and the truck felt confident and responsive in turns. It wasn’t quite as quiet inside as the Chevrolet and it wasn’t as fast as the Ford, but it was the truck we agreed we’d want to drive on a regular basis.”

The 1500 was also the only truck that performed better than its advertised EPA fuel economy, scoring a twenty-one percent better on Motor Trend’s Real MPG test. At Chris Leith Dodge, we’re tickled to read this article and we’re fully expecting to see Motor Trend christen the RAM 1500 as its first back-to-back-to-back truck of the year. Call or visit us today in the Raleigh area if you want to learn more about this unbeatable truck.

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