Ram’s New Ad Campaign: Just The Facts

Occasionally, you just have to sit back and let the man with the most perfect voice for truck advertisements do his job. That’s exactly what Ram is doing in its most recent campaign, “Just the Facts.”

The philosophy of Ram Trucks has always been to focus on the simplicity of raw strength. Guts. Glory. Ram. That’s all that you need, and so this new series of videos lets the trucks do the talking, with Sam Elliot translating.

It’s easy to take this approach when you’re the undisputed best, which is why the first video is so effective. As we’ve said many times, there’s no truck on the market that gets better fuel economy than the Ram 1500 EcoDiesel.

The second ad is a bit trickier.

One of Ram’s competitors, Ford Motor Company, actually disputes the Ram 3500’s claim of best-in-class towing, to the point where they are threatening to take Ram Trucks to court if they don’t stop advertising it as such. We find Ford’s claim to be dubious, though.

For one thing, their numbers for overall tow rating are done in-house. Ram conducts its tow rating tests by the official guidelines of the SAE J2807. These are the guidelines put forward by the Society of Automotive Engineers back in 2010 in order to standardize tow rating measurements. Ram uses them because they stand by their trucks and know they’re the best no matter what. All the other truck makers are too chicken to adopt the independent rating system.

For another thing, Ford insists that the 3500 should be compared to its F-450 truck rather than the F-350 as Sam explains in the commercial. The problem is the F-450 barely fits into the Class 3 pickup truck category. Ford removes certain equipment in order to drop the truck’s gross vehicle weight rating during its tests.

So the new ads are about just the facts, and we figured we would throw in a few more, lest you have any doubt. If you’re like us, though, you probably don’t have any doubts when its Sam Elliot doing the talking. We’re glad he’s on our side.

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