Ready. Set. Going Back to School.

back to school

Back-to-school madness is in full force. Everywhere you go, you see it in the stores with signs and supplies overflowing the aisles. It’s hard to believe that August is already here. It’s not just here. We’re already at the midway mark of the month. How is that even possible?!? This summer literally just flew by. Seems like it was yesterday kids were celebrating the last day of school. Now, the first day of school for traditional calendared students is only weeks away. What does that mean? It means back to school shopping! Before getting back into the swing of things, now is a great time for kids to really soak in these last couple weeks of summer. Once school starts back, everyone adjusts to getting back into a groove and schedule. Sports start back up again, after-school clubs, yearly commitments such as dance and music lessons … you name it.

For many, going back to school is the just the right time to get some new clothes. What better way to start a new school year with a new teacher and peers, than in a brand new outfit. Many parents choose to go ahead and stock up on fall clothes. You can also usually get some pretty great end-of-summer deals on clothes. If you’re good at thinking ahead, stock up on clothes for next summer. By this time of the year, several stores should be trying to stock the shelves with fall clothes and really need to let go of all the summer styles. So you may be able to find shorts, t-shirts and bathing suits at some really low prices. Plus, North Carolina temperatures are pretty hot well into September. So there is still plenty of time left to wear all those summer essentials.

back to school

Also go through belongings at home and see if your child is in need of a new backpack. He or she may have had theirs for a few years now and would like to start the school year off with a cool new bag or you may find that their bag has really seen better days. Check out some local stores and see if you can get a good deal on a new backpack. Along with a backpack, your child may be in need of a new lunch bag and water bottle. There are so many choices out there, so you may want to bring your child with you to help narrow down the selection.

Last, but certainly not least, are school supplies. That is a definite must when heading to the store for back-to-school shopping. Teachers should provide a list for your child that gives specific information and details on what exactly they would like you to buy. This helps tremendously because there is a lot out there and a lot of different brands, which can make things a bit overwhelming.

Really cherish these last couple weeks before the kids head back to school. Try to carve in some special family time before things get hectic and schedules get busy again. Summertime is a fun time filled with sweet memories. Make new memories that you and your family will remember for years to come. Memories that will last a lifetime.

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