Flexing the Fangs: Dodge Viper Engine Getting an Upgrade?

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Dodge Dealer Raleigh

Photo: Autoblog

As good a year as it’s been for Dodge, it’s been a pretty tough year for the Viper. The woes started back in March when ninety-three of the Viper’s oldest living relatives had to be put down in the most gruesome manner imaginable (for a super car, anyway).

Fast-forward to this summer where Chrysler has idled production of the Viper at its Connor Avenue Assembly plant twice due to low demand. It’s been 22 years since these fangs first bit into our roads and our hearts, but have people really moved on? We’re talking about the first production car to ever have a V10 engine.

Even that isn’t enough now, though. The Viper’s power preeminence has been usurped from within by the new 2015 Challenger SRT Hellcat and the 2015 Charger SRT Hellcat. Yes, the supercharged scat pack now leads the way with 707 horsepower apiece. It’s a great leap forward for those cars, one that is clearly a very emotional decision, but the Viper is the Viper. Letting it lag behind is an almost unconscionable act. The 2015 Viper is listed at a 5 hp increase over last year’s, but that isn’t good enough.

Dodge Dealer Raleigh

Photo: Autoblog

This is why we hope the rumors are true and Dodge isn’t going to let their pride and joy fall by the wayside. Now that SRT is back under the Dodge heading, the fangs are reportedly getting a tuneup. The Hellcat engine won’t fit under the Viper’s low-slung hood, so the folks at SRT are thinking about trying a familiar solution. It worked on the V8, so why not supercharge the V10? Allegedly this will bump the Viper up from 640 to 800 horsepower. The same report says that will “only” be accompanied by 650 pound-feet of torque – anymore and the rest of the car would have to be reworked. Regardless, it sounds like the Viper will be well cared for in the future, and that’s what counts.

We care so much because you know we love all cars fast and outlandish at Chris Leith Dodge, your most trusted Dodge dealer in Raleigh. Let us know what you think needs to be done to put the Viper back on top. Is supercharging the solution, or does the whole car need to be updated for the age of absurdity the Hellcat has ushered in?

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